Issues, Niggles and Workarounds

This page is for issues, niggles and problems with the Gem and supporting infrastructure. If you've come across something and think others might benefit please add to this page.

Mongrel cluster not recognising --clean

There have been instances where mongrel refuses to pick up the latest version of the mongrel cluster plugin. What you get is an error stating that –clean is an invalid option.

The workaround is to remove all but the latest version of the mongrel_cluster gem.

Windows - fails to load recipes

There is a known bug in Capistrano 2.3.0 that prevents it from loading the Brightbox recipes properly. This has been fixed in version 2.4

Brightbox gem fails to update

There has been an instance of the Brightbox gem failing to update on MacOS. The workaround is to uninstall all versions of the Brightbox gem and then reinstall the latest version.

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