Bespoke Maintenance Page

During maintenance period you can display your own fully styled static site instead of the default site.

Other than a few simple restrictions you have the full power of static HTML and CSS at your disposal.


The site is displayed instead of the requested URL when in maintenance and is rooted in the 'system' directory of the web root.

So all images and CSS must have full paths from the root, e.g /system/stylesheets/main.css, /system/images/logo.png

The entire site must run from a file called 'index.html' again rooted in /system. If the gem detects this is missing it will install the default maintenance site instead.

Default maintenance page

By default the maintenance site is stored in:


on all the web servers you have defined.

Creating a shared maintenance page

You can use the shared area system to point the maintenance page at your shared files. Simply add public/system to your shared directories, e.g.

set :global_shared_dirs, %w(public/system)

and upload your maintenance site to that directory.

Switching the maintenance page on and off

The maintenance page is managed by the Brightbox gem, so two Capistrano tasks switch it on and off.

To put your site into maintenance, use:

cap deploy:web:disable

To take your site our of maintenance, use:

cap deploy:web:enable
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