Prepare Database Access

Your Brightbox comes with access to a shared MySQL database cluster. The migration recipes check the format of database.yml for the environment you are deploying to and will warn you if there is information missing, or in the wrong format

Edit the database.yml file

Edit your database.yml and alter the production section to the following:

    adapter: mysql
    host: <your shared MySQL server>
    username: <your shared MySQL username>
    password: <your shared MySQL password>
    database: <your shared MySQL username>_<your application name>_<configuration section>

You'll find the shared MySQL service server name, username and password in your Brightbox control panel

The 'application name' is a short name for your application that differentiates this application database from all the others stored under your MySQL username. It should consist of just alphanumeric characters, no spaces or special characters.

So, for example, if your Brightbox account name is superfly, your shared MySQL server is and you have an application called myforum then your production section might look like this:

    adapter: mysql
    username: superfly
    password: secret
    database: superfly_myforum_production

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