Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Rails app onto my Brightbox?

There are a number of ways, the easiest is to use our Brightbox Capistrano recipes.

How do I get root access on my Brightbox?

Login over SSH as the rails user and run commands using the sudo tool, which asks for your rails user password and then runs the command as root:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache restart

We recommend running each command you need using the sudo command, but if you need to get a root shell to run a number of commands, just run the bash command with sudo

sudo bash

I don't like sudo, how can I login directly as root using ssh?

See the SSH support page for more information on setting up an ssh key for direct root access.

How do I reboot my Brightbox?

From the Control Panel

You can issue a “soft” or “hard” reboot to any of your Brightboxes within the Control Panel.

A soft reboot is the safest way to reboot your Brightbox and is equivalent to running the shutdown -r command via the command line, which ensures everything has been shutdown nicely before restarting. You should always try to soft reboot your Brightbox first.

If your Brightbox has become unresponsive and the soft reboot does not work, you will need to issue a hard reboot.

A hard reboot is equivalent to pulling the power cable from a server, then starting it. It does not guarantee processes are shut down nicely or that data has been written to disk.

From the command line

If you prefer to perform the reboot from your Brightbox server, run the following command via ssh:

sudo shutdown -r now

Why does my Brightbox have two network interfaces?

Each Brightbox comes with two virtual network interfaces each one on a separate physical network segment. eth0 is Internet facing and carries your web and remote access traffic. eth1 is a private network and is used to access local services, such as the MySQL and backup servers. Having these separate helps with security and performance. The Brightbox Network page has more details.

How do I access the database servers?

Dedicated MySQL services are available with all Brightbox hosting packages. The MySQL Cluster page has more information on configuring your Rails app to use them.

I can't access a certain port on my Brightbox!

All Brightboxes are protected by our firewall with only a limited set of ports open. If you require additional ports to be opened for your Brightbox, please submit a request with the Help Desk. The Brightbox Network page has more information about the firewalls.

How can I send email from my Brightbox?

All Brightboxes have access to a dedicated smtp relay.

How can I schedule rake tasks to run regularly?

You can configure the Cron daemon to run any commands you like whenever you like.

Can I run PHP on my Brightbox?

By default PHP isn't supported, but you can easily install it. See the PHP documentation for more details.

Can I access or restart my Brightbox via the control panel?

You can request a reboot for your Brightbox from the control panel. A “soft” reboot is the equivalent of pressing ctrl-alt-del and will gracefully restart the box, a “hard” reboot is the equivalent of pressing the reset button.

I've added my public key to the authorized_keys file but I still get asked for the password

SSH is incredibly fussy about file permissions and file ownership. Make sure that you have followed the instructions about installing a new public key.

Check that

  • you have put the key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Note the 'z' and plural 'keys'.
  • all the files are owned by the user.
  • the file permissions on the ~/.ssh directory are set correctly (no group or other write).
  • the file permissions on the home directory ~ are set correctly. (no group or other write).
  • that you have specified the name of the key on the ssh command line with the -i option if you are not using the default key name.
  • that you have put your key in your agent with ssh-add and are using the correct Agent forwarding option (-A on Ubuntu) if you are logging in with another machine as the gateway.
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