Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS Cache

Brightbox provide a local DNS cache that can be used to do recursive lookups. Each Brightbox comes preconfigured to use these. From /etc/resolv.conf:


Some Brightboxes have our old DNS IP addresses instead of those listed here. The old ones still work, and end up on the same servers, but the new ones are more resilient against server failures.

Brightbox Hostname

All Brightboxes have a default DNS setup of the form, for example:

A wildcard record is setup by default too, which allows you to test multiple apps on your Brightbox without needing to point a new domain at it:

john@dogen:~$ host A

john@dogen:~$ host        A

john@dogen:~$ host    A

Pointing a domain at your Brightbox

To point a domain at your Brightbox, just create an “A record” that resolves to the public IP of your Brightbox. Brightbox do not provide DNS services so you'll need to use a 3rd party registrar to do this.

You can get the IP address of your Brightbox using the host tool which is available on most operating systems (it's installed on every Brightbox too).

john@dogen:~$ host      A

You still need to configure your web server to accept requests for your new domains. If you're using the Brightbox gem you can specify these in the Capistrano recipe, otherwise you can just configure Apache manually.

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